MBG show at The Garage this Saturday

Hope you’re enjoying the new tune “Carolina Sky!”

We’ve got a neat show coming up this Saturday.  We’ll be playing at The Garage in Winston-Salem.  If you’ve never been there, it’s literally a garage converted into a super-duper original live music venue.  We’ll play all our original tunes that hopefully you’ve had a chance to listen to HERE.  We’ll also be joined by fellow Mount Airy band and good friends Janus 4-14, along with Sunshone Still.  Five bucks will get you three bands – not too shabby.  Please head over to our Facebook event and let us know you’re coming!

And while we’re on Facebook, the four of us are in a bit of a campaign to get some more Facebook page “LIKES.”  We hope you already count yourself as one of those – but if not, would you?  Just click the pic to the right to head to our page and do that awesome “LIKE” thing.

We’d also be thrilled if you’d consider subscribing to our website.  Of course, if you’re getting this in your email or RSS reader, you already have.  But if by some twist of fate you’re reading this otherwise, perhaps this is a sign you were meant, in this very moment, to subscribe to the Mediocre Bad Guy’s website. Just go to www.mediocrebadguys.com and enter your email address on the right where it says, “Your Email, Please…”  No spam, we promise.

Thanks for all the support and for listening – see you at the show on Saturday, we hope!


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