Hello, we’ve missed you.

Hi, friends!

Yep, I know we haven’t written in a while. We’re still very much alive & kicking. As you know, we’ve been going through some changes. I’m pretty sure we’re finding our mojo again.

So anyway…
3 things…

1. Hello.
2. We’ll be playing at Finnigan’s Wake in Winston tonight. Les, is still on a top-secret mission, so it’s kinda fake MBG. It’s still going to be amazing fun, though.
3. Former MBG-er Steve Lindsley is playing at Round Peak Vineyard in Mount Airy tonight. A great way to spend a Saturday evening.

3&1/2. Check out our latest original tune (“Holding On”) right here… http://mediocrebadguys.bandcamp.com/track/holding-on.

See you soon!


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